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Art.1 The following general conditions settle the relations that result from using the site www.bgliga.com / www.fanleague.net and from natural persons’ participation in the Internet football game, organized and managed by “E-card” Ltd., Sofia.

Art.2. Anywhere in the General Conditions the following words and phrases will mean:

  1. “The Site” is the website www.bgliga.com / www.fanleague.net, on which an Internet football game is carried out. The site includes the home page, as well as any other page that opens by activating the corresponding button in the menu of the first. According to these General Conditions, the contents of the site include also the web page that holds the form for the Internet payments required for participation in the game, that form being part of the online payment system “E-card” owned by “E-card” Ltd., Sofia.
  2. “The Game” is a computer football game “bgliga”, which takes place on the Internet on www.bgliga.com / www.fanleague.net . The game works with a computer program - 3-tier Internet based system, installed on a server operated by “E-card” Ltd., Sofia.
  3. “Owner” and “Administrator” is “E-card” Ltd., Sofia who own the rights to the site, the game, the computer program, the visualization, the design and the Flash part.
  4. “Visitor” is every natural person who uses information resources and services of the site www.bgliga.com / www.fanleague.net via the Internet. The visitor uses all the rights and carries out all the obligations mentioned in these General Conditions except those that apply for the users.
  5. “User” or “Participant” is every natural person who uses the site’s information resources and services and/or participates in the game after they have received the confirmation of the owner that their registration form was accepted and after their identifying e-mail and password have been confirmed. Accepting the General Conditions is a condition for aquiring that quality.
  6. “Credit” is a payment unit, which enables the users to participate in the game and use the respective services, according to the Game rules. According to these general rules “credit” is not:
    • bid, according to the Gambling Law
    • term, according to the Banking Law
    • electronic money
  1. “Payment” or “Transaction” is every act of obtaining credits by a participant via the online payment system of “E-card” Ltd., Sofia, by Credit/Debit card, premium SMS or the universal e-card.

Art.3. Only a user who has accepted the present General Conditions can take part in the game. The following user actions have the meaning of accepting the present General Conditions and all the obligations that result from them:

  1. Every opening of a site's page different from the home page.
  2. Explicit objectifying of the agreement by an electronic statement, through the activation of the button “I agree and accept the General Conditions”.


  1. Using the site is considered to start when the user enters the electronic address www.bgliga.com / www.fanleague.net, as early as the moment of loading the home page.
  2. Last moment of using the site ( leaving the site ) is considered to be the moment when the user has closed all of the site pages used by them.
  3. The General Conditions apply to the users from the start to the end of using the site.


  1. The General Conditions are changed and expanded by the Owner only .
  2. The Owner is obligated to announce the changes and expasions in the General Conditions.
  3. The changes and expansions come into effect from the moment of their announcement on the site. The users are bound to accept them in the ways, specified above,unless the user declares in writing to the owner that does not accept them.



  1. Using the site, as well as registration and participation in the game are voluntary.
  2. The user is obligated to perform registration personally. In all cases, as far as the Owner is concerned, it is considered that registration has been performed personally.
  3. Upon declaring the registration request (after filling in the registration form) it is considered that the user has agreed that their personal data be processed.
  4. If the required personal data are not provided in the registration form, the Owner denies registration.
  5. Each registered user has the right to unregister. From the moment of the last action in the process of unregistration the user lost all the rights resulting from registration.


  1. The user is obligated to specify the required personal data conscientiously.
  2. Uncoscientious specifying of personal data is present in the following cases:
    • specifying data that do not represent the actual status, for which they are applied;
    • specifying the personal data of another person, including the use of other peoples’ identity.
  3. The Owner has the right to deny registration to a person, who is known or suspected to specify data uncoscientiously.
  4. The Owner bears no responsibility and does not owe any compensation to a person, whose personal data was used by another person, regardless of whether the first gave their permission for that or not.


  1. Every user has the right to access and change their personal data.
  2. That right is exercised personally or via representative with an explicit letter of attorney having a notarially certified signature, on the address specified below.
  3. Every user can change their personal data in the way provided for in the site. In this case, the user has obligations according to Art.7, Par. 1.


  1. Each person, who notices that their personal data have been used or can be used by a third person for registration with the site can inform the Owner about that.
  2. The person who thinks that their personal data can be used without their permission by another person can ask the Owner to ban registration with this data.
  3. In the cases of personal data already used by a third person, the person (whose data is used illegally) has the right to ask the Owner to ban the use of the registration by presenting hard evidence that the data in the registration form contradicts with the real situation, respectively the use of their identity by a third person. The Owner alone determines the criteria for credibility of the evidence and their relation to the case in question.
  4. The actions according to the preceding paragraphs in this article are executed personally or via representative with explicit letter of attorney having a notarially certified signature, on the Owner’s office address specified below.


  1. The Owner collects, processes and stores with due care the users' personal data, while strictly following the decrees of the Law for protection of personal data. The Owner is the administrator of personal data in the Law's sense.
  2. The Owner can use the information about the personal data of the users of the site only for the purposes provided for in the Law and in the General Conditions.
  3. The personal data provided are processed and stored by means of computers. The programs and computer configurations, on which they are installed, are protected with the respective methods and means.


  1. The personal data provided can be processed for (with the following purposes):
    • granting usage of services offered in the site;
    • adjusting the services offered, according to the users’ needs;
    • statistical purposes;
  2. In case the user does not agree that their data be used, they should notify the Owner in written form.
  3. The owner obliterates the personal data of each registered person when he/she lost the “user/participant” capacity.

Art.12. The Owner is bound not to change or reveal personal data of the users of the site and not to provide the collected information to third persons, except in the following cases:

  1. there is the explicit consent of the user;
  2. the personal data information is provided to employees and subagents of the Owner for activities on the administration of the same and use of the services;
  3. the information is required in the provided by the law order by public authorities empowered for that;
  4. the Owner is bound by the law to provide the personal data.


  1. The user is bound to fill in the registration form conscientiously.
  2. After receiving the registration request, the Owner processes the data. The latter has the right to deny registration to the user in case that another already registered user has specified identical data (completely or partially).
  3. The Owner notifies the user that the registration is complete. This takes place upon verifying the data specified by the user.


  1. The Owner guarantees that they will not provide to third persons the user's e-mail and password that allow participation in the game.
  2. The Owner does not bear responsibility in case the user makes their e-mail and password known to third persons.
  3. The user is responsible for all their actions resulting from the registration.
  4. In case the user has reasonable doubts that their registration is being used, they have the right to change their e-mail and password by the means provided for in the site.


Art.15. Only persons who are over 14 years old can participate in the game.


  1. The participant obtains at their expense a fit computer configuration, an operating system and access to the Internet, required to use the site and participate in the game.
  2. The Owner does not bear responsibility if the user cannot take part in the game due to reasons resulting from the latter.
  3. The Owner determines the following minimal requirements for the computer configurations needed for using the site and for participation in the game:
    • Operating system - Windows 98SE/ME/2K/NT4/XP, MacOS 9.1, OS X, Linux kernel 2.6 or higher, FreeBSD 4.8 or higher;
    • Browsers - Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher, Netscape Navigator 6.0 or higher;
    • Macromedia Flash MX;

Art.17. When using the site and its services, the participant is bound to observe the operative normative acts, the rules of ethical behaviour on the Internet, the rules of morale, good temper and the Common Conditions.


  1. The participant is bound not to commit actions that constitute illegal intervention in the computer programs which secure the functioning of the site, including but not limited to, intervention in the server or the network connected to the server or the site.
  2. While using the site, registrating and participating in the game, including but not limited to, when naming team, manager, and player, the participant is bound not to publish information or objectify in whatsoever form and way statements containing:
    • national, religious, political, racial, ethnic intolerance;
    • insult and/or calumny against any person;
    • obscene words and expressions;
    • threat to a person’s life and their personal inviolability;
    • instigation to committing crimes;
    • instigation to forced change of the established government;
    • an advertising message with commercial purpose;
    • classified or other protected information;
    • proposal for trade bargains;
    • information about the personal life of third persons;
    • pornography and/or having pedofile purpose;
    • whatever information, contradicting to the law, the rules of morale and the good morals.
  3. Non-feasance of the previous paragraphs gives the Owner the right to immediately terminate access to this statement, respectively information, to delete the latter, as well as to terminate temporarily or permamently the access or the participation of the user in the site and/or the game.
  4. The owner is not responsible to the users regarding the statements of each user, as well as the information or statements published by them in the site.
  5. The criteria for judging the behaviour, the statements and the information on behalf of the user are determined by the Owner alone.

Art.19. The Organizer alone determines the Game rules and has also the right to change and expand them. The rules are an integral part of these General Conditions. The organizer has the right to cease the realization of the game at any time, as well as to terminate temporarily or permamently the participation of a participant in it, if the latter does not observe the established rules. He has the right to organize tournaments within the range of the game, whose prize funds are provided by sponsors.

Art.20. The user agrees with the game rules upon accepting the present General Conditions.


  1. Every participant has the right, in accordance with the game rules, to acquire the amount of credits they have requested, by paying the announced price.
  2. The payment for the credits to be acquired is accomplished via the universal “E-card”, Credit/Debit card or premium SMS. To accomplish the payment the user should accept the general conditions of “E-card” Ltd., Sofia, concerning payments by the products and the system bearing the trade mark “E-card”.
  3. The transaction request is made in the respective section of the site.
  4. The Owner provides the credit after they have received confirmation from “E-card” Ltd., Sofia that the transaction of the required amount is accomplished.
  5. In case a participant, who has paid the credits prices by “Master Card” credit card, uses the cash back option and the Organizer is forced to return what he has received as a result of the payment, which this option has been used for, he/she has the right to suspend the participant’s access to the game and the participant owes to the Organizer the amount of the respective price and a default payment amounting to 21 euros. The Оrganizer terminates the access from the moment he receives a notification that he owes returning of the sum he has received.

Art.22. Any likeness of the players in the virtual demo team of the Football league with real people is accidental.



  1. All parts of the site contents, including but not limited to, design, software programs, databases, text, drawings, graphics, and information are exclusive property of the Owner or the latter has the exclusive right for their usage. They represent object of copyright in accordance with the Copyright Law and its related rights, and are protected by the latter.
  2. The user is bound not to use (except in ways provided in the General Conditions), reproduce, change or perform other illegal actions in relation to any part of the site or its overal contents.
  3. The users can use the resources of the site, only in accordance with the law and the General Conditions.



  1. The Owner has the right to:
    • at any time change, expand, cease the usage of the game, the contents of the site as a whole or any part of it. This right can be used without warning;
    • restrict or terminate the access to the site contents or the game for all users or one of them. This right can be used without warning;
    • cease and restrict the access for a user, who violates the General Conditions.
  2. When exersising the rights from the previous paragraph the Owner does not carry responsibility towards the users.


  1. The Owner does not carry responsibility:
    • in case the information provided is damaged by computer viruses or by programs and networks, hampering or terminating the normal functioning of the computer configurations and/or programs of the user;
    • for the contents of the information published by the users (team, players and managers’ names), including the credibility of the personal data;
    • in the cases when the information published by the users, violates the rights of third persons;
    • for harms inflicted on computer configurations, computer programs or communication devices, including defeat of data which occurred while searching, loading, using the site and its services;
    • for the behaviour of an user while using the site and participating in the game.

Art.26. All messages by the users to the Owner should be send to the following addresses:
Sofia, 14 “Boris Novoselski” Str.
tel. 359 2 971 00 97
fax 359 2 873 46 33
e-mail: support@bgliga.com

According to article 19 from the General conditions for using the site www.bgliga.com / www.fanleague.net, the Administrator brings in the following changes and additions to the Game rules:
From 00:00 on 30-December-2005, in third point of Registration from the Game rules is changed as follows:

  • The first sentence is changed to: „With one registration you can have up to three teams.“
  • The following sentence is added: „In the cases when one participant registers more than three teams, independently of the way, form and data used, the Administrator has the right to cease or limit temporarily the usage of the service and/or delete the team/teams and to apply arc. 23 from the General conditions for using the site www.bgliga.com / www.fanleague.net. In this case the corresponing participant loose their rights on the awards.
All the participants which at the time of applying the current changes, have more than three teams, keep their rights on three of the teams, and loose their rights on the rest. The Administrator chooses which three teams the user keeps his rights.
The administrator doesn't carry any responsibility to the participants for the deleted teams and has the right to nullify the awards.

The present General Conditions are enacted in the moment of their annoucement.

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