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About the game

Football league is web based football management game. You own a team and compete against real opponents in real time. You choose team's tactic and change it during the game. Your aim is to defeat the rival team and increase your rating which moves you to a higher division. At the end of the championship the top 10 managers win prizes - the championship cup, statuettes, football t-shirts and balls. The most successful teams of the Championship continue their participation in a tournament with gratuity fund.

Advantages of the game

  • The games are played in real time every day;
  • Contests with real opponents;
  • Unlimited number of friendly games;
  • Option to analyze the match and make changes on the 15-minute break after first half time;
  • Detail FLASH highlights are shown during half time and after the game;

How to start

Register a team for free. Every day you will play a game from the Championship. Choose a starting line-up and a tactics to play with. Define how to change your tactics depending on the game's progress. In the 15 minute break after the first half you could check how both you and your opponent have played, see the most important situations and make changes to surprise the rival team in the second half. Prepare your players by training sessions, friendly games, transfers and creating your own academy.

Becoming a good manager

  • The effectiveness of each player depends on its individual attributes, physical and playing form;
  • Put the footballers on the field into positions suitable for their being of maximum service to the team;
  • The injured players may take part in the match, but would be less effective and you risk them being injured again;
  • During the match the players get tired and their effectiveness decreases. Use the substitutes to keep you team strong;
  • Substitute the injured players in time via ‘In-game tactics’
Game Scheme
  • In an attacking game your team will be stronger with more attackers;
  • In a defensive game your team will be stronger with more defenders;
  • In a counter-attacking game your team will be stronger with more midfielders;
Game Style
  • Choose a suitable style of playing according to the formation you have chosen and the weather conditions which the game will take place at;
  • The chosen game style has different effectiveness depending on the opponent’s style of playing;
  • Playing with higher aggression makes the team stronger, but the risk of receiving penalty cards increases;
  • Conform the level of aggression with the liability of the referee to give penalty cards;
  • Pressing game increases the strength of the team, but when applied continuously it tires the footballers. Use this option  moderately to achieve an optimum result;
  • Each referee has a different liability to give penalty cards. When choosing the level of aggression have in mind the average number of yellow and red cards per match;
  • The weather conditions reflect in a different way on the team according to the game style;
  • The promised bonus rises the footballers’ mood and increases the team’s chances for success;
  • Improves the players’ physical form and attributes;
  • Choose correctly which attributes the footballers should train, according to the position they play at
Friendly game
  • Improves the footballers’ playing form;
  • A possibility to try different tactic formations and to decide which is the best one against the different opponents;


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